Peer-Reviewed Articles

6. Kostanca Dhima, Sona GolderLaura Stephenson, and Karine Van der Straeten. Forthcoming. “Permissive Electoral Systems and Descriptive Representation.Electoral Studies.

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5. Charles Crabtree and Kostanca Dhima. Forthcoming. “Auditing Ethics: A Cost-Benefit Framework for Audit Studies.” Political Studies Review.

4. Kostanca Dhima. Forthcoming. “Do Elites Discriminate Against Female Political Aspirants? Evidence from a Field Experiment.” Politics & Gender.

3. Sarah Fulton and Kostanca Dhima. Forthcoming. “The Gendered Politics of Congressional Elections.Political Behavior.

  • Awarded the Western Political Science Association’s 2020 Betty Nesvold Award for best women and politics paper.

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2. Kostanca Dhima and Matt Golder. 2021. “Secularization Theory And Religion.Politics & Religion. 14(1): 37-53.

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1. Sona Golder, Charles Crabtree, and Kostanca Dhima. 2019. “Legislative Representation and Gender (Bias).Political Science 71(1): 1-16.

Book Chapters

1. Kostanca Dhima and Jennifer M. Piscopo. “Party over gender: Young adults’ evaluations of political leaders in California and Texas.” In Are Women Viewed as Leaders? Yes!, ed. Michelle M. Taylor-Robinson and Nehemia Geva. London: Oxford University Press.

Editor-Reviewed Articles

1. Charles Crabtree and Kostanca Dhima. Spring 2017. “Testing Theories of Group Consciousness.CP: Newsletter of the Comparative Politics Organized Section of the American Political Science Association.

Under Review

1. Kostanca Dhima. Title removed for review process.

Working Papers

4. Kostanca Dhima. “Women’s Legislative Representation: Supply, Mass and Elite Demand, and Regime Type.”

3. Charles Crabtree, Kostanca Dhima, and Sona Golder. “Increasing the Social and Scientific Returns of Audit Studies.”

2. Ray Block, Charles Crabtree, Kostanca Dhima, Matt Golder, and Sona Golder. “Gender and Race Consciousness: Conceptualization and Measurement.”

1. Kostanca Dhima and Sarah Fulton. “Social Desirability in Gender Egalitarianism: Evidence from a List Experiment.”

Works in Progress

5. Charles Crabtree, Yaoyao Dai, and Kostanca Dhima. “Gender Bias in the Chinese Labor Market.”

4. Ray Block, Charles Crabtree, Kostanca Dhima, Matt Golder, and Sona Golder. “Linked Fate, Political Attitudes, and Political Behavior.”

3. Kostanca Dhima. “The Gender Continuum? Femininity, Masculinity, and Vote Choice in a Comparative Perspective.”

2. Kostanca Dhima and Yoshikuni Ono. “Femininity, Masculinity, and Candidate Vote Choice in  Japan.”

1. Kostanca Dhima. “Issue Salience and Gender.”