Charles Crabtree and Kostanca Dhima. Spring 2017. “Testing Theories of Group Consciousness.” CP: Newsletter of the Comparative Politics Organized Section of the American Political Science Association.

Under Review

Kostanca Dhima and Matt Golder. “Secularization Theory and Religion.”

Working Papers

Kostanca Dhima, Sona GolderLaura Stephenson, and Karine Van der Straeten. “Affinity Voting Across Electoral Systems.”

Kostanca Dhima and Sarah Fulton. “Social Desirability in Gender Egalitarianism: Evidence from a List Experiment.”

Kostanca Dhima. “Elite Gender Discrimination? Evidence From a Field Experiment.”

Kostanca Dhima and Jennifer M. Piscopo. “The Right Stuff? Perceived Leadership Potential of Male and Female Candidates Among American Youth.”

Works in Progress

Charles Crabtree, Kostanca Dhima, Matt Golder, and Sona Golder. “Gender and Race Consciousness: Conceptualization and Measurement.”

Kostanca Dhima. “Thinking about Women’s and Men’s Issues.”

Kostanca Dhima. “Issue Salience and Gender.”

Kostanca Dhima and Jennifer Heckman. “Women’s Legislative Representation in Africa.”












National Historical Museum, Tirana, Albania (2009)